15KG ECO Olympic Barbell


15KG ECO Olympic Barbell

The Affordable barbell 

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15KG ECO Olympic Barbell


  • Bar Type Women's Eco Barbell
  • Model  ECO 15kg
  • Weight 15KG / 33LB
  • Length 2010MM
  • Diameter 25MM
  • Knurl Marks Dual
  • Center Knurl No Center Knurl
  • Shaft Coating Hardened Chrome
  • Sleeve Coating Hardened Chrome
  • Loading Weight 600LB
  • Sleeve Design Snap Ring
  • Guarantee/Warranty 2 Years

Hard metallic bushing design with 6 needle bearings for an easy spin 

Deep none aggressive knurling for repetitive workouts  

A combination of rigidness and whip to make the bar perfect for Olympic weightlifting and power lifting 

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