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Steel PU coated change plates


Steel PU coated change plates

High Quality Change Plates 

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2 x 0.5kg plates


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2 x 1kg plates(Green)


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2 x1.25kg plates(orange)


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2 x 1.5kg plates (Yellow)


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2 x 2kg plates (Blue)


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2 x 2.5kg plates 2nd JUNE


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2x1.25kg + 2x2.5kg


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Full Fractional Set


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Product Use Olympic weightlifting, Functional Fitness, general workouts
Material Steel plate coated with PU plastic 
Insert Diamter 50.5mm 
Plate Diamter 210mm (2.5kg) 165mm (1.25kg)
Plate Width 20mm
In The Detail 

Change plates and fractionals help you increase the weight gradually. The UKSF change plates have been calibrated to ensure gradual increases in weight are accurate. 


The UKSF change plates have been designed to protect the barbell, damping the sound of metal clanking and reduce any movement on the bar. We have also colour coded them to IWF specifications and ensured they weigh true. 

PU Coated

Polyurethane is extremely tough and durable, our plates are coated with this material to increase the lifespan of the plates. We have also embossed the logo and weight identifying marks to ensure they do not rub off over time. 

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