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CrossFit Rippon

  • Location: Rippon, Yorkshire

UKSF is a company founded by ex-military personal so when we get an opportunity to work with serving soldiers, we relish the challenge and opportunity. The owners of CrossFit Rippon were referred to us by one of our customers. 

We worked with the team to create a quote based on their needs. This included a 24ft functional fitness rigplyometric boxesgym flooring, bumper platesOlympic barbellskettlebells & dumbbells and all the gym equipment you would expect to find in any traditional CrossFit gym in the UK 


Like all CrossFit facilities in the UK, they contain similar style of gym equipment. They need space for a rigstorage facilities for their equipment, Olympic barbells for strength training, high quality gym flooring for sound proofing and equipment protection and finally all the small and wonderful products that allow coaches to make people fitter. 

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