Facility Outfitting

We offer full facility outfitting from design to finish, please drop us an email for quotes and information at team@uksupremefitness.co.uk

We also have Business Finance solutions available:  UKSF BUSINESS FINANCE

Case Studies


CHTX required custom coloured flooring, rig and full equipment outfit. We worked closely with them to ensure we supplied the highest quality facility that fit within their budget. 


Epinal were unsure of our brand initially. However, after traveling to meet them at their facility and showing them our equipment, they were more than happy to place an order with us. They wanted custom coloured...

RS3 Facility

The RS3 facility is one of the largest boxes in the South East of England. They required a full facility outfit from flooring to a gigantic 74ft wall mounted rig, custom storage units and plenty of ring space. 


We worked closely with Silver to ensure their facility was fully supplied with all the essential equipment they would need to run functional workouts and strength & conditioning classes. Their facility is an...

Bro Waroch

Bro Waroch is an amazing facility that is fully equipped with the latest technology and equipment. Their 400m2 facility is packed full of high-quality Olympic weightlifting equipment, rigs, racks, functional fitness gear, assault...

Bear Walden

Bro Waroch is a stunning facility packed full of our latest products. They approached UKSF through a recommendation.  We worked with them to create an equipment list that suited their needs. They had 2 custom made wall...

Unique Fitness Bolton

Case study coming soon 

A1 Football club

Case study coming soon 

Studio Method Cardiff

Case study coming soon 

Leamington Spa

Case study coming soon 


Case study coming soon 

Fort Ashton

Case study coming soon 

Le Club Du Park

Case study coming soon 

The Bearded Brother Gym

The Bearded Brothers Gym Lithunia 

CrossFit Gain

CrossFit Gain 

CF Orwell

CrossFit Orwell - Ipswich 

Escale CF

CF Escale

CF Kemper

CrossFit Kemper 

Fitness Box Calne

Fitness Box Calne

The Physical Edge

The Physical Edge