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Kettlebells are one of the most versatile and effective pieces of equipment you can find in a gym. They allow you to practice balance, strength training, explosive power, equilibrium, flexibility and a host of other forms of exercise. A kettlebell is easily stored and can be the focus of your workout depending on what you are intending on achieving. 

We at UKSF only provide equipment that is of premium quality, and our range of kettlebells are a prime example of this. We suppy both competition to cast iron kettlebells. The UKSF kettlebells are sleek, ergonomic, powerful and crafted to the finest detail to suit all of your workout needs. 

We at UKSF have a guide on kettlebells and how to use them here if you are curious about what specific things they can be used for.


What are the different types of kettlebells?

The cast iron is made out of a single ore, with textured black powder coating. They feature a flat base which prevents wobbling should the kettlebells be dropped between sets. 

The competition kettlebells are fabricated from steel and feature a 33mm diameter handle. They’re identical in size which means training with competition kettlebells only increases in weight rather than the size of the bell. 

All our kettlebells are colour coded for ease of recognition, with the cast iron kettlebells the coloured rings are featured at the base of the handles, and the competitions bodies are all coated in a high-quality gloss.

What does a kettlebell do for your body?

A kettlebell (integrated with an appropriate exercise program) is fantastic for giving you a full-body workout and strength training can help improve your joint strength and flexibility. It can even relieve stiffness if the right exercises are performed and will help you burn more calories and build muscle. 

Is it OK to do kettlebell exercises every day?

When deciding on if you need to work out on any particular day there is only one thing you should be listening to, your body. If you do not feel physically capable of doing the workout then it is probably time to take a rest day. 

You need to spend time to recover otherwise you will see diminishing results from your workouts. A workout that builds muscle is, in reality, breaking your muscle apart so that when it is healed it can be bigger and stronger, so if you miss out on the essential healing part then you are effectively missing out on half of the process. 

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