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Kettlebells & Dumbbells

Kettlebells and dumbbells are the workhorses of any gym. They allow you to perform a huge range of exercises and are simple but effective tools in the quest for physical betterment.  We at UKSF believe that both these amazing tools have their unique advantages and as a general rule are great for anybody, beginner or professional. 

A kettlebell is more effective at explosive and plyometric exercises and is perfect for a very varied and full-body type workout. It also helps with your balance and body composition. Here we have a guide on some basic exercises you can do with a kettlebell

Dumbbells are extremely varied in their use and can become a part of any training regime. They are perfect for tackling both specific and a wide range of muscles. They can be used for all kinds of exercises, including strength, mobility, rehabilitation, bodybuilding and fat loss.

UKSF supplies a range of high quality cast iron kettlebells. All of our kettlebells come with a black powder-coated finish with colour identifying rings.  

Not only do we supply our kettlebells into a range of CrossFit boxes but also commercial gyms, PT’s, kettlebell classes and strength and conditioning facilities. Why not add the highest quality kettlebells to your gym equipment portfolio.

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