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Sweat Strong

  • Location: Bristol, UK

Sweat Strong requested a quote a little different to what we would usually supply to a functional fitness gym. The did not require any barbellsbumper platesPlyometric boxes or fractional plates

Their quote consisted of concept2 machines, air assault bikes, dumbbellspull up barsgym rings and gym flooring

We also fabricated some bespoke storage so they could store their specialist torpedo kettlebells. 


The concept was simple. A group training area removing the need of barbells and making the classes more accessible to members. Replacing the barbells with a torpedo kettlebell made the class times more efficient and removed the faff when adding Olympic weightlifting movements to a class. 

With the torpedo kettlebells the athletes could clean & jerk, snatch, deadlift, kettlebell swing, high pull and even bicep curl. 

The gym also required a large range of cardio machines to allow for some high intensity, cardiovascular workouts. This combined with bodyweight equipment and dumbbells allowed for short, sharp intense workouts within a small-time frame. 

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