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Speckled Pegasus Bumper Plates


Speckled Pegasus Bumper Plates

Colour coded high-quality bumper plates 

From £33.00

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5kg grey (pair)


Sold out

10kg green (pair)


15kg yellow (pair)


20kg blue (pair)


25kg red (pair)


100kg Set (2 x 5,10,15,20kg)


150kg Set (2x5,10,15,20,25kg)


Plate use

Weightlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, Training


Vulcanised Rubber Crumb Tested To 10'000 Drops

Plate diameter

450 MM

Insert diameter

50.5 MM

5kg width

28MM ±1MM

10kg width

57MM ±1MM

15kg width

62MM ±1MM

20kg width

97MM ±1MM

25kh width

105MM ±1MM



Vulcanised crumb rubber plates provide far better qualities than standard virgin plates. These plates are made from recycled rubber tyres, which is then crushed down and melted to form crumb granules. These granules create a bumper plate that is extremely tough!  


We provide some of the highest quality bumper plates on the market. They have been tested and developed over the last four years to create a plate that is excellent value for money. Buy cheap buy twice 


We are so confident in the quality of our equipment that we offer a warranty on all of our products, to help give you the customer peace of mind.

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