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  • UKSF 20kg Pegasus Olympic Barbell
  • UKSF 20kg Pegasus Olympic Barbell
  • UKSF 20kg Pegasus Olympic Barbell
  • UKSF 20kg Pegasus Olympic Barbell
  • UKSF 20kg Pegasus Olympic Barbell
  • UKSF 20kg Pegasus Olympic Barbell
  • UKSF 20kg Pegasus Olympic Barbell
  • UKSF 20kg Pegasus Olympic Barbell

UKSF 20kg Pegasus Olympic Barbell

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Product Information

Item number: ECOBAR20KG

### Unleash Your Potential with Olympic Barbells from UK Supreme Fitness

Searching for a barbell that can endure extreme weight and tension? Look no further than UK Supreme Fitness Olympic barbells. Engineered for strength and versatility, these barbells excel in powerlifting, CrossFit, and Olympic weightlifting. Upgrade from standard barbells to Olympic barbells for superior durability and performance, boosting your fitness progress significantly.

### Why UK Supreme Fitness Olympic Barbells Stand Out

**Exceptional Quality and Performance**: Whether for home gyms or high-intensity training centers, UK Supreme Fitness Olympic Barbells are crafted to the highest standards. Tested in the toughest gyms, our barbells are designed to enhance athletic performance.

### Explore Our Range of Olympic Barbells

- **7.5KG Training Barbell**: Ideal for beginners embarking on their strength training journey.

- **15KG Olympic Barbell**: Specifically designed for female athletes, featuring a 25mm diameter for a comfortable grip, suitable for CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting.

- **20KG Olympic Barbell**: Tailored for male athletes, with a 28mm diameter for a secure hold, perfect for advanced strength training.

### Introducing the Cronos Barbell: Our Premier Product

The **Cronos Barbell** is a hybrid Olympic barbell perfect for CrossFit, Olympic weightlifting, and powerlifting. Developed over 10 years, it combines superior whip and flexible high-quality steel, delivering performance on par with the world’s top brands at an affordable price. It’s the choice of elite lifters worldwide.

### Precision Engineering for Maximum Performance

Our barbells are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, focusing on whip, knurling, finish, and rotation. This ensures peak performance and durability. UK Supreme Fitness barbells are trusted in hundreds of CrossFit boxes, Olympic weightlifting facilities, and commercial gyms nationwide.

### Complete Your Gym with Olympic Weight Plates and Accessories

We also offer a comprehensive range of Olympic weight plates, collars, and accessories. Enhance your training and push your limits with UK Supreme Fitness’s premium products.

### Transform Your Training Today

Choose a UK Supreme Fitness Olympic barbell and feel the difference in quality and performance. Upgrade your training routine and reach your fitness goals with our durable, high-quality equipment. Browse our selection today and take the first step toward transforming your strength training. 

Bar use Weightlifting, olympic weightlifting, powerlifting and functional fitness, home gyms
Maximum weight load 400KG
Bar weight 20KG
Diameter 28mm
Knurling marks Dual
Finish Hardened chrome on shaft, sleeve and collars
Sleeve fixings Needle bearings & brushing
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