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  • Barre Olympique 15kg
  • Barre Olympique 15kg
  • Barre Olympique 15kg
  • Barre Olympique 15kg
  • Barre Olympique 15kg
  • Barre Olympique 15kg
  • Barre Olympique 15kg
  • Barre Olympique 15kg

Barre Olympique 15kg

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Product Information

Item number: cronosbarbell15kg

La barre olympique Cronos est parfaite pour le S&C et la musculation. Sa finition en zinc et chrome en fait une barre de très haute qualité. Essayez là dès maintenant !


Utilisation : S&C, musculation
Poids : 15kg
Diamètre : 25mm
Finition zinc et chrome
Résistance à la traction 210,000 PSI

Frequently asked questions

How much does an Olympic bar weigh?

Olympic barbells vary in weight depending on your strength and training level, however officially they are 20 kilograms or 45 pounds. A women's Olympic barbell will often weigh a tiny bit less, at 15 kilograms or 33 pounds.

How much should an Olympic barbell cost?

Olympic barbells are high-quality pieces of gym equipment, so expect to pay for that, however, an Olympic barbell also shouldn't break the bank. You can find barbells for under £100, however then you start to compromise on quality, longevity, and insurance. 

Our barbells are all priced competitively to assure that you're getting the highest quality at the lowest price, starting at £140 and going up to £220.

What is the difference between Olympic and standard barbells?

There are many differences between an Olympic barbell and a standard barbell that somebody new to training might not notice. The biggest noticeable difference is that the sleeves on a regular barbell are 1 inch and do not rotate. Whereas an Olympic barbell has 2-inch, rotating sleeves. The rotation on an Olympic barbell help alleviates pressure and strain on the wrists and elbows, meaning you can train harder and for longer periods of time without feeling tense.

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