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Blog / Cast Iron Vs Competition Kettlebells

Posted on 19 May, 2021 by Hannah Grimes


Kettlebells are a great exercising companion regardless of fitness levels and expertise. Using iron or steel, kettlebells are designed with a cannonball-like base and have a sturdy handle attached.

There are a few differences between our competition kettlebells and cast-iron kettlebells- with them becoming an increasingly popular product in the market, reaching a decision on the purchase of these kettlebells can become confusing.


Cast Iron Kettlebells

Cast Iron

The more affordable option, our cast iron kettlebells are designed for those who are getting into the swing of kettlebell usage. Made from a single piece of iron, and ranging from 4kg to 32kg, our UKSF Cast Iron kettlebells offer great stability and durability for those who are inexperienced with their usage. Usually preferred by beginner athletes, due to their use by both hands, the larger handle window allows ample of room for such movements.

The cast iron kettlebells increase in size as the weight increases, meaning the athlete may have to adjust their technique as they increase the weight. They also feature colour coded rings near the base of the horns for ease of recognition, as well as our signature black grained powder coat to reduce slip.

 If the individual wishes to focus on strength and power, the cast iron kettlebell is something to take into consideration.


Competition Kettlebells


Our most prestigious kettlebell and ranging from 8kg to 32kg- our competition kettlebells are composed of steel which offers more durability than our cast iron range. All our kettlebells in this range come in the same sizes, this is so the athlete retains consistent technique when performing with their desired weight. Further to this, the rectangular handle also never changes in diameter (33mm), which relieves the athletes of any chance of grip fatigue. This is so the focus can still reside in the individual’s technique.

The competition kettlebells are colour coded for easy recognition between sets, making them much easier to deter weights from one another at a single glance. With a porous surface, it allows chalk to seep in, ensuring a much firmer grip when using the kettlebells.

As a rule of thumb, the competition kettlebells are best used by those who are wanting to focus on technique and form. Due to its uniform size and absorbency, high repetition sets are best utilized with this piece of kit.