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Facility Outfitting Guide

By UKSF on 19 April, 2022

Choosing your gym space

This is the first step from the point of contact with us. When customers approach us with their vision, we do our best to ensure to the very last bolt, it’s how they’ve imagined their fitness space to be. We take into consideration the customers given space and will always go on a site visit to get a feel for the facility’s dimensions and suggest product placement where possible.


Selecting your gym equipment

This is where the vision becomes a reality. Functional fitness equipment lists are sent across and products are suggested for everyone’s needs. Whether at the center of the gym our clients want a bespoke rig, or multiple Olympic weightlifting stations, we cater to every request. We talk our customers through each product and ensure that they’re happy with whichever functional fitness equipment they choose.


Obtaining the quote

Once the equipment has been confirmed by our customers, we render a CAD design to give a feel for how the facility will look when completed. If there’s any tweaks which need to be made, it’ll be done at this stage. Upon acceptance of payment, we’ll contact the clients and set a date for installation.



The final aspect of facility outfitting. Our team of experts head down to the unit with the equipment order to put together their perfect facility. We have an aim to have installations finalized within 1-2 days as time is paramount when opening a functional fitness facility.


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