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Blog / Squat Rack Guide

Posted on 14 May, 2021 by Hannah Grimes

Deciding on which squat rack to purchase for your home complex can be an intimidating task. With such an abundance of racks on the market, it comes as no surprise that there are many factors to consider. Whether this is down to how much weight the rack can withstand, how much room it takes up or how expensive it is- it can quickly become quite stressful to reach a decision.

Before we dig into the optimal squat rack for your individual needs, let us talk you through our squat rack range.

What are squat racks?

Squat racks are an essential piece of kit if you plan on squatting with bars and lifting quite heavy weights. They provide fantastic stability as you will only need to lift the bar from the squat rack on to you shoulders- eliminating any possibility of using overhead movements to begin squatting. They also provide some great spotting arms- with us still having to adhere to social distancing guidelines, this can be a godsend if you are squatting heavy.


M1 Half Rack

Half Rack

This is the biggest rack of our range- over 7ft high and is optimal for those with quite a large amount of space to play around with. It also incorporates a wide range of movements which our customers can perform due to its multifunctional design. Our half rack features a single pair of pro-lined J-hooks as well as a set of heavy-duty spotting arms.

For those wanting to practice their pull-ups, muscle-ups or their toe-to-bars, the half rack offers two differing pull-up bars which are of varying thickness.

In addition to this, the half rack also offers plate storage pins, so you don’t have to leave your training area untidy.


Fixed Squat Rack

Fixed Squat Rack

Our most sophisticated squat rack throughout our range- this rack is incredibly versatile and a great training companion for those who have quite a large amount of space and want to gain more from their training.

Featuring 6 fixed J-hooks and a set of built-in spotter arms, this squat rack is perfect for those who are attempting to lift heavier weights. It also encompasses a plate storage unit which allows quick changeovers between sets- should you want to lift a little more.


Heavy Duty Squat Rack


A much more affordable option- our fixed squat rack is amongst our most popular products. This is perfect for a smaller complex if space is something you are lacking.

Only 6ft in height and 4ft wide, this squat rack is a fantastic training companion no matter the level of expertise.  With fixed triangular bases, this rack is incredibly stable and can withstand loads up to 400kg.

Independent Squat Rack


Fabricated in the UK- our independent squat racks are the free-standing option. This rack has a smaller footprint than our other UKSF racks and offers an extremely strong and stable performance.

Paired with low-profile J-hooks with a plastic coating, this rack can withstand loads up to 400kg, making it a great contender against our Independent Squat Rack.

This rack is incredibly easy to maneuver, which makes it great for storage and accessibility.


All our racks are finished in our signature sand grained black powder coat- giving them a sleek finish. Furthermore, when paired with either our flat benches or adjustable benches, you can gain optimal usage from these valuable pieces of kit.



We have a wide variety of products which would make great companions to any squat rack:

-        J-Hooks

Our J-hooks are black featuring a red plastic lining- these sturdy hooks are a must-have for any rack. Allowing individuals to easily offload bars and change plates between movements if necessary. All UKSF J-hooks are included with any squat rack or rig purchase.

-        Dip Bars

Our dip bars are a great addition to any rig or rack- with the options to wither widen or shorten your grip.