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The Bumper Plate Buyers Guide

By UKSF on 16 February, 2022

Olympic bumper plates are an incredibly versatile piece of equipment which can be used for a plethora of different exercises. From lifting the plates on their own, to adding them to an Olympic barbell- they’re a fantastic piece of kit. Designed to be dropped under heavy loads Olympic Bumper plates are perfect for dumping in gyms and garages.


Why should you consider purchasing bumper plates?

Firstly, they’re incredibly safe to use. They are designed to aid in Olympic weightlifting and are safe to drop from above the head or from the shoulders. The coating of the plates makes them extremely durable. In addition, when the plates are dropped, the sound is muted which is great when lifting in a busy gym or with neighbours close by. Unlike steel plates these will not damage your floor or your barbell.


Types of bumper plates:

There are two types of Olympic Bumper plates in our range. They are the Pegasus, and colour coded virgin Bumper plates. Here we will be exploring the differences between our plates, and which might be the best option for you.


Pegasus Plates

Our Pegasus Olympic Bumper Plates are derived from the Pegasus emblem in of the WW2 paratroopers. This range was designed to meet the higher standards that the British Airborne forces set and is a testament to our Olympic Bumper Plates’ grit.


How are they different?

The first difference for our Pegasus Olympic Bumper plates is that they’re made of vulcanized recycled rubber. This firstly aids in our impact on the environment and allows them to be more absorbent than our virgin Olympic Bumper Plates.  They are designed for everyday use and will pass the test of time.

Vulcanized rubber will revert to its original form whereas standard plates will deform under the stress of impact.

The Pegasus Bumper Plates are all IWF colour coded with speckles throughout the plates. They offer a sleek yet subtle finish if you’re not heavily into bright colours.





Colour coded virgin plates


How are they different?

The colour coded virgin bumper plates are made from high-quality virgin rubber, these Olympic bumper plates are extremely durable and have a professional and sleek finish which is perfect for anyone who is serious about weightlifting.

This virgin rubber fabrication allows movements to be made without the worry of compromising their sturdy design.

These bumper plates are all one block colour which is easy for plate recognition. They are also slightly thinner than our Pegasus range, which allows the lifter to add more weight or have the weight on the bar closer to their centre of gravity, which will aid in Olympic weightlifting.


Exercises with Olympic bumper plates.

A common misconception is that plates can only be used at the end of Olympic barbells, however, when used correctly, Olympic bumper plates can become a vital part of any regime.


Wall Sit

Pressing the flat part of your back against a wall. Holding the plate, lower yourself down so your thighs are parallel to the floor and hold for as long as possible.


Front Shoulder Raise

Start by standing with your feet shoulder width apart and holding the plate on its outer edge with arms extended forward. Maintaining this extension, lift the plate with both arms above your head until your biceps are aligned with your ears. Return to the first position and repeat.