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Blog / The Engine Room London

Posted on 26 February, 2020 by Toby Cart

The Engine Room London contacted us to reenergise their new facility. After talking with several suppliers around the UK they chose to use our services. We created them a quote that met all of their needs, including a self-contained strength and conditioning cage with ample storage to cater for each of their PT clients. 




The facility was located in central London, which posed a few hurdles, space being one. We had to ensure every item that went into the facility was needed and more importantly had its own storage space. We designed a rig that had 5 squat stations, storage for bars, plates, kettlebells, dumbbells and wall balls. The facility needed an area for sled work, cardio work and Olympic weightlifting. We achieved this by adding a central sled track, wall mounted ski ergs to save space and an area that had enough room for barbell work. 


The facility needed to reduce noise pollution as much as possible, so we supplied thick 40mm rubber tiles along with our Pegasus bumper plates to reduce vibrations throughout the building. 



Finished Facility 


The Engine Room is a modern boutique style PT studio in the heart of London. It offers top of the range strength equipment, functional gear and cardio equipment. As you can see the gym is finished to the highest spec, which caters for their high-end London client base. 


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