The new ARES range

By Dom on 08 September, 2022

Introducing the new ARES heavy duty flat and adjustable gym benches. 


The new and improved ARES range is an updated heavy-duty version of our original gym benches. The improved construction is built from the same heavy duty box sections used on our functional training rigs. The 75mm x 75mm x 3mm steel gives the Olympic benches an extremely strong and sturdy base. Not only does this make the flat benches heavy duty but it also makes them aesthetically pleasing. 


The padding on the gym benches is an impressive 90mm deep and 300mm wide. This gives the user an extremely comfortable experience when benching under heavy loads. The high-density foam is wrapped in a synthetic leather that produces a high wearing finish that will last many years in a commercial gym setting. 


We have added a fixed knurled handle to the front of each bench and heavy-duty wheels to the rear. This allows the users to manoeuvre the benches with ease. The ARES range are an impressive weight at 36kg and 49kg each. We have also added a wall hanging anchor to the rear in case you would like to hang the benches.


The finishing touches of the Olympic benches really make them pop in either your commercial gym or garage fitness cave. We have not missed an opportunity to add laser engraved UKSF logos throughout, high quality printed UKSF logos and a powder textured coating. 


Why not add one of these Olympic benches to your commercial gym squat racks, functional fitness rigs and dumbbell free weight zone.