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Blog / UKSF Ambassadors

Posted on 12 April, 2021 by Hannah Grimes

Introducing our UKSF brand ambassadors


We are very excited to announce the recruitment of 4 new brand ambassadors! These individuals we recognize as very hard-working and dedicated which we feel make great qualities of an athlete. 

Selecting brand ambassadors is no easy task- especially when there is such an abundance of talent in the sporting and fitness world. 


Aldo Kane


Former Royal Marines Commando Sniper and extreme adventurer- Aldo operates in some of the world’s toughest environments. Using his expertise in survival, climbing and being a qualified medic, it is Aldo’s job to escort TV and film crews to safety. 

From abseiling down the planet’s deadliest volcano, to breaking the world record for fastest crew to row the longest Atlantic Ocean route, Aldo does not do half measures. To retain his physique, Aldo uses an array of UKSF products in his home gym. 

Aldo is the founder of Expedition Fit, an 8-week fitness program which is based on his training routine. It promotes physical and mental wellness whilst prescribing functional movements for those who operate in robust and extreme environments. Aldo’s program is designed to be used with minimal equipment but utilizes UKSF’s products so he can smash his goals. 





Sheli McCoy

Dedicated athlete and co-owner of Sweatbox, Dundee, the sky’s the limit with Sheli. Bringing expertise in personal training, kinesiology taping, sports massage, remedial cupping, sports rehabilitation and kinetics, and coaching in weightlifting and Cross Fit gymnastics. Sheli’s dedication to sport is unparalleled. 

Sheli is always looking for innovative ways to train and engage with her followers and customers, she recently finished top in Scotland for the Cross Fit open and took the double in the 21.3 and 21.4 workouts, of which we are immensely proud.

We have been working closely with Sheli and her team at Sweatbox and were able to proudly supply her with a fully functional fitness gym. Sheli’s gym complex is a testament to the quality of our products which we use, and we are thrilled to be working with her. 


Kate Alder

Captain of the Allianz Premier 15’s League rugby team Wasps, Kate’s passion for both sport and fitness is incomprehensible. Kate began her rugby journey at aged 14 from the influence of her Dad and has seen her go from being a club player, to county player and regional captain. 

Kate was given the opportunity to represent England 7’s and will be heading to Ukraine and Dubai to play. Her proudest point during her rugby career to date is being Captain for the Wasps for 4 seasons.

A graduate from the University of Exeter, Kate brings expertise in Psychology and Sport and Exercise Science. Kate is a real testament for how fitness and her passion for rugby has changed her life for the better, and how pursuing your goals can be extremely rewarding.

We are very excited to be a part of Kate’s journey and are thrilled to be supplying her with our kit.


Katie Cork

Katie is an enthusiastic fitness athlete and model. Katie’s passion for fitness has led her to be incredibly influential on her social media platforms based on her training methods. 

Katie’s regimes that she posts for her followers provides great insight as to what life can be like for an individual whose passion resides in fitness and how she retains her positive mental attitude as well as physical fitness levels. 

UKSF were given the fantastic opportunity to supply Katie with her own home fitness suite which she regularly uses.