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Blog / Jerk Block

Posted on 17 January, 2020 by Simon Reah

Any time you are lifting heavy, safety should be your number one concern. While hitting your target weight or besting your personal record is important, doing it unsafely could lead to injury and time away from your workouts.

     In our industry, we see a wide range of safety devices, designed to make lifting weights safer and more effective. These safety devices can be innovative and elabourate, or something as simple as a weightlifting belt, or jerk blocks. For this article, we are going to take a look at jerk blocksand see why you need them and how they are used. With that being said, let’s get started:

What Are Jerk Blocks?

     What are jerk blocks? To simplify it, jerk blocks are an important piece of safety equipment that any workout facility should have. Jerk blocks eliminate the need to constantly re-rack or catch the bar when performing the jerk portion of the clean-and-jerk. Also known as Olympic weightlifting technique boxes, jerk blocks are easy to use, stackable, raised platforms which enable you to keep the barbell a coupler of feet above the floor. This makes practicing your jerk technique easier and safer.

     Jerk blocks are adjustable, giving you a wide range of possibilities when it comes to weightlifting. Another benefit of jerk blocksis that, when built properly and used correctly, they shouldn’t move or jump when the bars are dropped. Jerk blocks can also be used for squatting or pressing exercises and similar devices are often used in strongman competitions around the world.

UK Supreme FitnessWooden Olympic Jerk Blocks

     UK Supreme Fitness offers a range of custom tailored, heavy-duty precision engineered jerk blocks.  Wooden Olympic Jerk Blocks fromUK Supreme Fitness are built to be durable, reliable and easy to use. They are made to order, CNC manufactured and custom tailored to your exact needs. Everything from the height and width, to the amount of blocks and your gym’s name and logos can be changed to suit your needs. 

     Wooden Olympic Jerk Blocks from UK Supreme Fitnessare made from high-quality, double layer birch plywood and offer a large 60mm adjustable drop area on each block. Each stack of jerk blocks contains four separate height blocks (8 in total) – 39cm, 30cm, 15cm, 6cm.

Contact UK Supreme Fitness

     To learn more about the innovative UKSF M1 Half Rack, contact UK Supreme Fitnessand shop a wide selection of premium fitness equipment and accessories.

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