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Blog / The Power Rack

Posted on 12 December, 2019 by simon Reah

Take Your Gym To The Next Level


     There are many ways that you can improve your gym and make it more functional and safer. From installing additional lighting and adding gym-safe flooring, to upgrading your equipment to the newest models that are more user friendly and designed for safety, improving your gym is easier than you think. And, speaking of equipment, there is one piece of equipment that stands out above the rest when it comes to safety and versatility.

     I am talking about the power rack, of course. A power rackis an essential piece of equipment that every gym should have. What is a power rack and what is it used for? We are going to take a closer look and answer those questions and more for you now. Let’s get started:

What Is A Power Rack?

     So, just what is a power rack? A power rack is a solidly constructed frame that enables you to bench press and squat heavy, safely and without the need for a spotter. It features spotter bars along the side of the rack which are adjustable and designed to catch the barbell if you can’t do another rep safely, or if you are lifting to failure. A power rack is the ideal piece of equipment for working out alone.

How Do You Use A Power Rack?

     A power rack is designed to help you increase your full body strength. You can do a wide range of weightlifting exercises with a power rack including bench press and incline and decline bench press, traditional and front grip squats, bent over rows and much more. All safely and efficiently without the need for a spotter.




The M1 Half Rack From UK Supreme Fitness

     The M1 Half Rackfrom UK Supreme Fitness features pro lined j-hook pair, Fat and thin pull up bars, Heavy duty lined spotting arms, 6 chrome coated weight plate storage pins, 2 Olympic barbell holders, a 150kg bumper set (2 x 5,10,15,20 and 25kg), a 20kg barbell, lock jaw collars and an adjustable bench. Measuring 1922mm wide, by 1480mm long and standing 2327mm high, the M1 Half Rack from UK Supreme Fitnessis constructed of 75mm x 75mm x 3mm gauge steel and built to be one of the safest power racks in the industry.

Contact UK Supreme Fitness

     To learn more about the innovative UKSF M1 Half Rack, contact UK Supreme Fitnessand shop a wide selection of premium fitness equipment and accessories.

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